Mannan Magal (மன்னன் மகள்) By Sandilyan

Mannan Magal (மன்னன் மகள்) By Sandilyan PDF Tamil Novel Free Download And Read Online. The download file size of this Sandilyan’s Tamil Novel book is – V1 – 104 MB and V2 – 64 MB.

Mannan Magal (மன்னன் மகள்) Novel PDF Download By Sandilyan

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The author used historical background and his imagination to provide a wonderful experience. The protagonist Karikalan’s journey to find the identity of him and his parents takes him to the war field. Fate turns him from a refugee into a Captain of the great Chola Army. The author used various historical references throughout history, which makes it difficult to differentiate history from reality. A beautiful love story between Karikalan and Princess Niranjana Devi was portrayed in the way that we can experience ourselves in her shoes.
The unexpected triangle love plot adds more exciting moments.
The war strategy used in the story brings a real battlefield with millions of artillery, archers, chariots, and the famous battle wings of the Chola elephant in front of our eyes.
The author gave less explanation about the disgusting act of killing human beings that makes this novel great.
The sacrifice of kings and captains makes us feel sorry for them. The way patriotic men and women served in the Grand Cholan Army gives us goosebumps.
Raja Rajandren Cholan and his dream of taking his emperor to the Ganges River made it possible with his Patriotic Army.
Furthermore, this book explains how humble Raja Rajandren was and the rich kingdom of him.
I don’t know if Time Machine is possible in the future or not, but this kind of book would take you back in time.

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Mannan Magal Part-1
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Mannan Magal Part-2
Pages: 142
Size: 64 MB
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