Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson

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Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson

Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Review:

I see that there are several books on the life of Steve Jobs, and I am usually a bit skeptical about biographies because I wonder how the author could have known so much about the subject. What led me to choose this was that Walter Isaacson is a recognized and well-regarded biographer, and his research for more than two years included more than one hundred interviews with everyone who had contact with Steve.

I took some notes along the way because I found myself attracted by the complexity of Steve’s personality and how his mind worked. Any psychiatrist who tries to unravel what was happening in his head would be forced to finish his job. He believed that reality could be distorted, he had the ability to manipulate people to do what he wanted. For anyone interested in reading more about the field of reality distortion.

Steve was very creative, had vision, had a lot of energy, but could interpret the victim when it suited him. As a boss, he was very afraid to work, firing people with a minute notice, he could change things to adapt himself.

He could humiliate people and humiliate them, then they would be friends. He erased ideas, then claimed them as his own. Steve built Apple computers out of nowhere, he did it for pure bloody mentality and a passion for building the best products. In the mid-twenties he was a billionaire.

He was expelled from Apple, but ten years later he found a way back, once again his manipulation techniques gave him what he wanted. The man was a genius, he fought for perfection in everything he did, in his work, what he ate, where he lived, everything had to be fine.

There were no compromises. I wonder how much more they would be on computers now if I had lived longer. He died on October 5, 2011. I’m glad I read about his fascinating life.

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