FREE Audible Children’s Audiobooks for a Limited Time

There’s nothing like a good story to keep us positive during tough times. Stimulating the imagination is very important, especially for little ones, who must stay at home during the quarantine period. This is why Audible (an AMAZON company) has decided to share its collection of children’s audiobooks for as long as schools remain closed (in the US).

The audiobook collection is available in 6 languages, including a neutral Latin accent and Spanish with a Castilian accent. Audiobooks can be listened to from a PC, laptop, cell phone or tablet.

You will find a variety of children’s titles for all tastes such as: The Amazing Race between the Tortoise and the Hare, The Deductive Detective, Know the Planet, The Cat Who Climbed the Tree, The Bear, The Cave House.

They have JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone audiobook, Paulo Coelho’s The Warrior of Light manual and Lucy Hawking’s The Secret Key to the Universe.

A list of audiobooks in Spanish with a neutral Latin pronunciation can be found at this link. And if you want to see the complete list of free children’s audiobooks in all languages ​​(English, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French), you can visit this link.

There are also audiobooks of classic plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Les Miserables, Moby Dick, plays for young people, classic plays and more, but they are only available in English.

Updated: September 7, 2022 — 7:46 pm

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