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Understand how vitamins and minerals work, but hard lessons are hard to absorb? This is your panacea! Vitamins and minerals make it easy to digest information about everything from demystified A to zinc. Compiled by an overall health practitioner, this essential guide explains the important role of vitamins and minerals in nutrition and physiology. You will find details about the types and amounts needed to survive and increase immunity to the disease. The book describes the dietary sources of various vitamins and minerals and includes the advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic vitamins. This book will strengthen your knowledge about vitamins and minerals with the last quiz of the chapter and a final test.

My main assumptions were: – Too much alcohol and too much meat The best way to stay healthy for your health is to eat fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods. Even supplements often don’t help. – The cause of osteoporosis in high calcium intake countries is probably related to high levels of calcium filtering meat for blood acidity buffer. It is not mentioned directly in the book, but what I have collected from the information provided in the book. Again, from what I guess, high protein diets are not good because they create acidity in the blood that filters calcium from our bones. – Nutrition is all interconnected. So food is better than supplements. – Low nutrition means poor metabolism. One of the reasons you are not losing weight. – Absorption of nutrients besides food is really important.

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  • Book Name: Vitamins and Minerals Demystified
  • Book Author: Steve Blake
  • Book Category: Medical & Medicine
  • Book Language: English
  • File Format: PDF
  • Total Pages: 242 Pages

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