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venus and adonis by william shakespeare

Venus and Adonis Description

Shakespeare plays where he has all the glory but you cannot leave his poetry. He was a very acclaimed poet with 154 sonnets, 2 narrative poems and several short poems. He is not called The Bird at all. It was a natural progression for him, as most of his plays were composed. I haven’t read many of his sonnets yet, but a narrative poem like Venus and Adonis is also in his plays. Complex characters, lyrical dialogue, a compassionate bent for the story, and that evocative Shakespearean metaphor.

Venus and Adonis are stories about the goddess Venus and his love for mortal Adonis. The poem begins as Venus disperses an unwilling Adonis. She praises him very clearly and tries to persuade her to sit beside him and accept his kiss. However, Adonis is unforgettable and eager to go hunting, so he removes him and goes in search of his own horse. His horse, however, has grown into a more romantic mood, riding a great horse without having to ride the desperate Adonis. Venus turns to her and doubles down on her trying to seduce and tempt her. Adonis finally retires a little and gives him a kiss but he won’t go anymore. His heart and mind are ready to hunt a pig. Upon hearing this, Venus becomes alarmed and tries to displease him. He advised her to hunt the less violent beast but Adonis is adamant. The next day the hunt is on and Vonas is following up to make sure Adonis is OK but seeing all the raging and frowning pigs regain all his bad fears. I’ll leave you to read the rest for yourself.

Obviously, Shakespeare himself did not think so. It is based on a story of Ovid’s allegory. Shakespeare, however, introduced several twists and new material here. For one, metamorphoses portray Venus and Adonis as lovers, but Shakespeare makes Venus a lover and Adonis ‘blizzard’ so there is a whole other kind of haunting and hunting here besides the obvious hunting scene. When Venus believes that his lover is dead, advises against death, and hates love (then hatred for love) – thus he hates death – “Grim-grinning ghost, worm of the earth, what do you mean- to suppress beauty and his To steal a breath,) Then, hopefully again, he protests death and tries to flatter Adonis by leaving him alone. Nice is the most sexually charged act of Shakespeare I’ve read in. I don’t know if Ovid took it so I can’t compare but I am not indifferent to Shakespeare’s obsession with Venus Adonis.

The original words of the poem were of great interest to Henry Riothsley, the third Earl of Southampton, who at that time was a benefactor to the Bird. Shakespeare assured Oriolle that if Venus and Adonis had secured the approval of his patron, he would soon have a work piece. The serious work turned into The Wrap of Lucre, another narrative poem based on another Roman legend in Ovid’s book. Although Lapres’s rape is generally regarded as superior poetry, I like Venus and Adonis a lot. It’s less action-packed but I thought I’d leave you with a couple of my favorite poems.

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