The Sun Rising By John Donne

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The Sun Rising by John Donne Pdf Poem

Book Review:

The Sun Rising is a thirty-line poem with three stanzas, published in 1633 by the poet-writer John Donne. The meter is irregular, varying from two to six voltages per line without a fixed pattern. The longest lines are at the end of the three stanzas and the rhyme never changes; each verse plays ABAB CDCD. The poem is about two lovers who need to be separated during the day, but he doesn’t want to, even when the sun signifies a new day. She has expressed her dislike for the sun for interrupting time with her boyfriend.

A love poem set in the Sun Rising speaker’s bedroom, where she and her boyfriend lay in bed, probably after an emotional night. The sun is seen as an unwanted intruder at dawn, invading the couple’s space and being initially humiliated before the challenge. This poem such a wonderful poem about the lovers, and how they have to separate al Amanecer. One of them even cursed him for shortening their stay together to reach a “common agreement”.

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  • Book Name: The Sun Rising
  • Book Author: John Donne
  • Book Categories: English Literature, Popular Poetry
  • Book Language: English
  • File Format: Pdf
  • File Size: 2.68 Mb
  • Total Pages: 5 Pages

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