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The Sisters Grimm Series by Michael Buckley

After the disappearance of their parents, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm went through one pastoral home after another. They have been treated as servants, servants and other things that children should not have. Even they have been tortured and ignored. This is mainly because they are believed to have a caring and strict social worker, Ms. […]

Best Ebooks by Meg Cabot

Megan Patricia Cabot is the most famous American novelist, she was born on February 1, 1967. She has written and published more than fifty young adult novels and adult fiction and best known for her young adult series is Princess Diary, later Walt Disney Pictures turned into two feature films. Cabot has received numerous book […]

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Download Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare available in PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook format. This book was originally written in 1599. Book Review: Julius Caesar is thought to be a tragedy of William Shakespeare, written in 1599. It paints a picture of BCB44’s conspiracy against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar, his assassination, and the defeat […]