Sorry I Missed You: A Novel By Suzy Krause

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Sorry I Missed You: A Novel

Book Description

A heartwarming and heartwarming novel about friendship, the ghost and the search for answers to the mysteries of life.

When Mackenzie, Sunna, and Maude move into a converted rental home, they are strangers with only one thing in common: important people in their lives have “ghost” them. Mackenzie’s sister, Sunna’s best friend, and Maude’s fiance, all disappeared without explanation.

So when an almost indecipherable letter reaches her shared mailbox, hinting at long-awaited responses, each tenant assumes it is for her. The mismatched trio decides to rethink the cafeteria named in the letter, the only clue they have, and in the process, a strange kinship is formed. But the more they learn from each other, the more questions (and suspicions) they begin to have. All the while, the creepy sounds and strange happenings around the property suggest that the ghosts of their past might not be all that haunts them …

Will any of the housemates find the closure they are looking for? Or should some doors remain closed?

Quirky, humorous, and completely original, Sorry I Missed You is the perfect read for anyone who has been haunted by their past (or anything else).

Book Information:

  • Name: Sorry I Missed You
  • Writer: Suzy Krause
  • Categories: English Novel, English Literature
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 2532 KB
  • Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (June 1, 2020)
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2020
  • ASIN: B07W7BT2BL

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  • “A high energy, feel-good story about the ghosts of our past and the importance of human connections.” Kirkus Reviews
  • Sorry I Missed You is so quirky and original, full of humor, wit, and warmth. I loved how three such different women forged a genuine friendship—and of course, that mystery. A real page-turner.” —Josie Silver, New York Times bestselling author of One Day in December
  • “A quirky, original story about unexpected friendship and the power of hope, Sorry I Missed You is a gem of a book.” —Phaedra Patrick, internationally bestselling author of The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and The Library of Lost and Found
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