Sopner Bekkha (Khowabnama) by Muhammad Ibne Shirin

Sopner Bekkha (Khowabnama) by Muhammad Ibne Shirin pdf Bangla Onubad book. Bangla Islamic book translated. The download size of this book is – 3.9MB. স্বপ্নের ব্যাখ্যা বই pdf download, স্বপ্নের সঠিক ব্যাখ্যা.

Sopner Bekkha (Khowabnama) by Muhammad Ibne Shirin (Bangla Onubad) - Bangla Translation PDF Books

Book Review:

People dream. Say good dreams, beautiful dreams. Having a bad dream, I had a nightmare. I never said again that I had bad dreams. What is a dream? Research on this has not diminished since the beginning of human civilization. Someone says it comes from stress. Someone has said that different physical balance is seen only when there is a problem. Someone said, dreaming at night under the influence of what he imagines all day. Dreaming is also a subject of modern psychology. Again, many say that even if they don’t dream, it is my dream. Or the dream of my life was not like that. I mean, the hope of the mind, the plan. So the meaning of the dream is metaphorical here. Islam comes from Allah as the perfect way of life for human beings. This Islam has not been indifferent to the dreams of the people. It has its own statement on dreams. Your statement need not be consistent with the statement of any philosopher or scientist. Imam Muhammad ibn Sirin is an expert on dreams and their interpretation. It says: الرؤيا ثلاث: حديث النفس ، وتخويف الشيطان ، وبشرى من الله. (رواه البخاري في التعبير) There are three types of dreams. Imagination and experience of the mind. The fear and intrigue of Satan and the good news of God. (Narrated by Bukhari) Dreams have importance in Islam. Without a doubt, this is an important topic in Islamic science.

Sopner Bekkha (Khobabnama) by Muhammad Ibn Shirin is a popular Bengali translate book and another popular Islamic book by Allama Muhammad Ibn Siri. The book has been translated into Bengali by Muhammad Abu Ashraf. Allama Muhammad Abu Ashraf is a Bangladeshi writer and Islamic scholar. He is popular for his Islamic books in Bengali. The most popular Islamic books in Bengali are Paradoxical Sajid-1, Paradoxical Sajid-2, Arj Ali Somaip, Sotokothan, Bela Furabar Age, Aroj Ali Somaip, Jinn or Shaitan’s Itikotha, Bible Biggan or Quran, Iman Sobar Yuga, etc. . Download Allama Muhammad Abu Ashraf’s Islamic Books, Bangla Books, Bangla Novels, Children’s Books, Bangla Books in PDF Format and Written by Muhammad Ibn Shirin (Bengali Translation) PDF. – স্বপ্নের ব্যাখ্যা বই pdf download, স্বপ্নের সঠিক ব্যাখ্যা.

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Sopner Bekkha (Khowabnama)
  • Writer: Muhammad Ibne Shirin
  • Book Categories: Bengali Translate, Bangla Islamic Books
  • Book Language: Bengali
  • Book Format: PDF
  • Total Pages: 142 Pages
  • File Size: 3.9MB

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