Snow White By The Brothers Grimm (Fairy tale)

Snow White Pdf By The Brothers Grimm (Fairy tale) is a german short story series. Download Snow White pdf By The Brothers Grimm (Fairy tale) free and online read.

Snow White By The Brothers Grimm (Fairy tale)

Book Review:

“Snow White” is a nineteenth-century German fairy tale that is now widely known throughout the Western world. The Brothers Grimm published it in 1812 in the first edition of the Grims Fair Teles compilation, and it was numbered 53. The original German title was Snivitchen, a lower German form, but the first version was given a High German translation by Snivitchen and the story was given a mixed form in German by Snivitchen. Grimes completed the final revision of the story in 1854.

The fairy tale features magic mirrors, poisoned apples, glass coffins, and the characters of the Evil Queen and the Seven Dwarfs, as the seven dwarfs were first given separate names in the 1912 Broadway drama Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and later in the Walt Disney 1937 film Snow White and Was. Another fairy tale collected by Brim Grimm, commonly known as “Snow White”, should not be confused with “Snow-White and Rose-Red” (“Snowchen and Rosernot” in German).

Snow White Summary

Snow White is a very beautiful princess with a very allows jealous honest mother. The honest mother claims to take a hunter to her fire and kill Snow White, after telling her in the queen’s magic mirror that Snow White is the most beautiful of all the lands (so she can eat her lungs and liver for dinner, GRSS). The hunter pity him and let him go. Snow White then lives with seven dwarfs to help him. When the Queen discovers that Snow White is alive and well, she makes a poisonous apple that Snow White eats and falls into a coma. Snow White puts the dwarf in a glass coffin until the prince arrives (and takes him back to his kingdom where Ride throws an apple from his throat to his neck) and kisses him awake (in the Disney version). The Queen was then burned alive (not in the Disney version). Then they live happily ever after

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Book Information:

  • Book Name: Snow White
  • Writer: The Brothers Grimm
  • Categories: German Short Story
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 4 Pages
  • Contribute: Fairy tale

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