S@ifur’s Spoken Vocabulary (English to Bangla) by Saifur Rahman Khan

Download Saifur’s Spoken Vocabulary (English to Bangla) by Saifur Rahman in PDF format.
Spoken Vocabulary (English to Bangla) by Saifur Rahman Khan
Spoken Vocabulary (English to Bangla)

Saifur Rahman Khan’s Saifur Spoken Vocabulary (English to Bengali) is the English Learning and Spoken Book written by Saifur Rahman Khan. The book was first published from S@ifurs, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The book will help students, learners and employers learn English and speak English fluently. Saifur Rahman Khan is a former lecturer at Dhaka University. He is now the owner of S@ifur Academic Coaching Center, the branch of S@ifur’s Coaching Center and has many branches outside Dhaka. Saifur Publication publishes various types of job search and university admission tests.

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Book Name: Spoken Vocabulary (English to Bangla)

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