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Poro is a Bengali word that means to read – this book invites the reader to “read” the verses of the Holy Quran with its point of view in the Bengali language. More than 100 topics from the Holy Quran are detailed in this book, revealing the knowledge behind them using tafsir (exclamation) and scientific evidence. Tafsir provides interpretation, explanation, interpretation, reference or commentary for a clear understanding and conviction of God. Primarily, a tafsir deals with issues of linguistics, jurisprudence and theology, but in addition scientific explanations have been added to this book. The Quran theme is a permanent and common attraction for everyone, regardless of time, place and age. It shows a direct path to everlasting success with its inspiring appeal on sustainable problems and universal issues. The charm and effect of the Holy Quran’s own words is incomparable, and our effort is to collect its verses on various subjects. God tells many stories in the Quran, and all these stories are real events in history.HC

All the verses of the Quran deserve to be reflected. Subject wise Quran and indexing of various Quran themes. Collection of various Quranic concepts, Quran oncology. The Holy Quran is the basis of Islam. The divine revelation contained in the Quran helps Muslims understand Islamic teachings. Consequently, Islam cannot be understood without first understanding the basics of the Holy Quran. In order for one to fully understand the Quran and its teaching, one has to go beyond the five pillars and realize the divine wisdom contained in the Quran.

Book Information:

  • Name: Poro
  • Author: Enamul Haque
  • Publisher: Enamul Haque
  • ISBN-10 : 1716950341
  • Language: Bengali
  • Series: Unknown
  • File Type: Pdf
  • PDF Size: 8.4 MB
  • Total Pages: 224

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