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In Obama’s battles, Bob Woodward has provided the foremost intimate and flashy portrait of the young president as commander-in-chief. Obama’s internal story of drawing internal memories, classifying documents, meeting notes and drawing many hours of interviews with most key players, including the president, the Woodward Afghanistan war, Pakistan’s covert propaganda and Obama’s critical decision, tells the worldwide fight against terrorism.

The key a part of Obama’s war is that the unbroken division between the White House and therefore the civilian leadership of the U.S. military, because the president has thwarted attempts to plan an exit plan for the war in Afghanistan.

Never came. Joe Biden, an unmarried vice chairman , relentlessly pressured to limit military missions and avoid another Vietnam. The vice chairman sent half a dozen handwritten memos to Obama via secure fax on the eve of the military’s final judgment .

The conflict didn’t end with President Obama ordering a rise of 30,000 troops and a promise to start withdrawing US troops by July 2011.

The new commander of Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, thinks that point are often linked to the present clock if progress is formed . Petraeus said privately, “I don’t think you’ve got won this battle.” “It’s a sort of fight for our lives and maybe for the lives of our youngsters .”

There is an opportunity of another surprise attack within the us centering on this controversy. The White House led a secret exercise on how unprepared the govt was when terrorists dropped an atom bomb on an American city – which Obama said was at the highest of his list of all-time concerns. The Trump White House

The secret debates and quotes from Verbatim of the White House’s strategic sessions – and therefore the first account of the thoughts and concerns of the president, his war council and his generals – expose an opposition government as antigovernmental, often engulfed in naughty fights and fundamental disputes.

Woodward’s discovery of how the Obama White House really works shows that tougher decisions lie ahead for the cerebral and involved presidents.

Obama’s war provides the reader with a shocking account of the president, his White House allies, military leaders, diplomats, and intelligence chiefs during these shocking and threatening times.

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