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When Nicholas Nickleby was left destitute after his father’s death, he appealed to his wealthy uncle to find work and to protect his mother and sister. But Ralph Nicolebi has proven to be both hard-hearted and dishonest, and Nicholas has been forced to enter the world. Nicholas rescues the slow-witted orphan Smick; And the glorious playwright Mr. and Mrs. Krummel and his daughter, “Baby Freak.”

Once living there, in a secluded part of Devonshire County, a certain Godfrey Nicleby: a fit gentleman, who took him late in his life that he should marry, and from a woman of fortune who was not young or rich enough to aspire, he Just married an old love because of an affection, which resulted in him accepting her for the same reason. So, two people who can’t play cards for money sometimes sit in a quiet game for love.

Some sick conditional people who ridicule marriage for this life, perhaps suggesting in this place that a good couple would be better than two characters in a running match, who have less luck and very little sponsor, will decide then. Impressively, only for the pleasure of injury; And in a sense, this comparison would be valid; Because, the adventurous couple of the Court of Five will send a hat and rely on the generosity of the audience by the media to make them happy, so Mr. Godfrey Nicleby and his partner, Honeymoon, finally found out. In the world wistfully, the chances of improving his way depend to a considerable degree. Mr Nicleby’s income fluctuated between sixty and eighty pounds a year during his marriage.

There are enough people on earth, God knows! Even in London (where Mr. Nickleby was in those days) there are very few complaints of a relatively small population. It’s amazing how long a person can look in a crowd without looking at a person’s face, but it’s no less true. Mr. Nicleby looked up, until his eyes ached like his heart, but no friend appeared; And when he looked back at his house, tired of searching, he saw very little there to ease his tired eyesight. A painter who has been staring at the glittering color for a very long time, refreshing its dazzling view by looking at a darker, more abrupt color; But in Mr. Nicleby’s eyes what was met was so black and toned that it would be out of fresh description by the same contrast.

Till the end, five years later, when Mrs. Nicleby gave her husband two children as a gift, and that embarrassed gentleman, fascinated by the need to make provision for his family, imagined a little business speculation on his mind. Life in the next quarter of a day, and then falling from the top of the memorial due to an accident, came one morning, by ordinary post, a letter with a black letter telling him how his uncle, Mr. Ralph Nicleby, had died, and he kept most of his small estate. The total value of which was 000 5000.

He sent a silver spoon to his eldest son (who was baptized in his honor) in the Moroccan case because the deceased did not pay much attention to his niece while he was alive, which he did not have very much. Eating with him, it seemed a kind of irony, being born without that useful plate of his mouth, Mr. Godfrey Nicleby could hardly believe the news that was first transmitted. However, after testing, they were proven to be strictly correct. The compassionate old man, it seemed, had a desire to give up everything to the Royal Human Society and in fact exercised a will to execute that desire; But the organization had the misfortune to save the life of a poor relative a few months ago who paid an allowance of three shillings and six pence a week, returned in very natural despair, inherited a codec and left everything to Mr. Godfrey Nicleby; Mentioning his anger, he gave the opportunity to save himself not only against the society but also against the poor relatives to save the lives of the poor relatives.

With a portion of this property, Mr. Godfrey Nicleby bought a small farm near Dowlish, Devinshire, where he retired with his wife and two children, so that he could maintain a reasonable interest for the rest of his money. The product I received. He could raise it from the ground. The two were happy together that when he died, about 15 years after this period and about five years after his wife, he was able to leave his eldest son Ralph with three thousand pounds in cash and his youngest son. He. , Nicholas, one thousand and farms, which was a small farm willing to see.

These two brothers grew up together at Exeter School; And since he was accustomed to going home once a week, he often heard from his mother’s lips a long account of his father’s suffering in the days of poverty and the importance of his late uncle in the days of his poverty. Uncleanness: The recitation that gave rise to an impression change in both cases: because, at the youngest age, the one who withdrew the shameful and instinctive attitude, he collected nothing but caution to avoid the big world and to cling to the quiet routine of domestic life. From these two great morals, Ralph, the greatest, often repeated story, it is inferred that wealth is the only true source of happiness and power, and that it is legal and only in favor of achieving it. Media, without a serious crime. ‘And’, Ralph argued to himself, ‘if nothing good came of it while my uncle was alive, a lot came out of him after his father died, as my father has now received and is saving for me, which is extremely final. Purpose; And it was very good for her to go back to the old woman, because she had been thinking about it all her life and everyone in her family was jealous and satisfied. And Ralph put an end to this emotional isolation by concluding that there was always nothing like money.

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