Marketing Management by Lindell Phillip Chew

Marketing Management PDF Book by Lindell Phillip Chew Free Download And Read Online Or Offline View.

Marketing Management PDF Book by Lindell Phillip Chew Free Download

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In this course, you will learn how companies create value for customers. We will examine the process by which Marketing relies on a deep understanding of buyer behavior to create value. You will learn the main elements of the marketing mix (product policy, distribution channels, communication, and prices) and see how they fit into different analytical frameworks that are useful to managers. This will improve your understanding of how marketing works in the business world.

Marketing management is organized around the marketing planning process to clearly describe the relationship between the broad final curriculum of our marketing curriculum and marketing decisions. This application-based course is designed to help you expand your thinking about business and marketing decisions in a more analytical, logical, and creative way. The result is that you will be more appreciated for the true usefulness of marketing ideas and methods by enhancing your sense of professionalism throughout your career in marketing and business management.

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