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The complete notes of the class are roughly divided into 8 chapters, which I consider to be the most basic to know the basic concepts of this subject. Advanced level topics are deliberately avoided to create space for the possibility of developing another lecture note in that area. In fact, this region is so vast and changes rapidly over time, there is no limit to the discussion of advanced-level issues. Therefore, the current focus addresses the key issues that give a senior enough exposure in this case for further study and/or research. After working on the initial concepts (such as mobile communication key, how to make mobile calls, etc.) and the evolution of mobile communication systems in the current situation, they discuss the basics of cellular engineering in depth so that students understand the importance of practical engineering aspects of the subject. Afterward, different types of mobile communication channels are discussed and models of large-sized path losses as well as small-scale fading effects in both simulation and statistical methods are discussed. Transmitter and receiver strategies to improve link performance in adverse channel conditions are

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