L’anarchiste By Soth Polin

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L'anarchiste by Soth Polin PDF Khmer Novel Download

::::: Book Review :::::

The anarchist, as the publisher’s synopsis says, is a book made up of two different parts and my problem is that I have not been able to take any of them seriously, despite the fact that both stories are intertwined with the history of Cambodia. I had read reviews that warned me of the misogynistic content of this book, but they had not prepared me to read such a bold text as we would say today. The anarchist seems to be written by a fifteen-year-old who shoots them big because he wants to annoy you at all costs, but he just ends up being a shame. As far as I’m concerned, the only result Polin achieved was to make me want to read the story from the point of view of the women A-Chhem and Virak met, women who are often the only ones who say something meaningful. I couldn’t even appreciate the despair of the two protagonists, uprooted from their environment and home differently, but both more than willing to vent their discomfort on women (when Virak finally revealed the reason for his misogyny, it was? Did you expect our reading solidarity?). I’m tired of reading justifications for violence against women (and there is a lot, a lot in this novel). There is no humiliation, nihilism, or genocide to endure. That’s enough.

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