Kong Yiji by Lu Xun

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Kong Yiji PDF by Lu Xun Free Download

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Kong Yiji was a self-described scholar who failed Shiukai’s test, but filled his speech with literary words. He was the only customer who wore a tall schooler dress and drank his wine while standing. Kong Yiji is the protagonist of this chinese short story of the same name by Lu Shun, the founder of modern Chinese literature. The story was originally published in New Youth Magazine in April 1919 and was later included in Lou Jun’s collection of short stories, Call to Arms. The narrator remembers Kong Yiji, an apprentice scholar who failed the Shiukai test, and became the laughing stock of the toilet where the narrator worked. In the end, Kang’s leg was broken as a punishment for stealing the book. He is a ridiculous and pathetic character, a symbol of indifference among previous people. – 孔乙己 PDF download.

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