Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed

Zaheer Ahmed wast a Pakistani Urdu writer, he is no more with us. The most popular Imran Series written by Zaheer Ahmed. We try to collect a complete list of Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed from various internet sources. We have provided the direct download links of Imran Series for your convenience.


Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed Pdf Urdu Novel

All Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed List

(File Format: Pdf)

  • Action Agents (File Size : 12.00 MB || Total Pages : 209 || Links: GDrive, Mediafire)
  • Action Mission (File Size : 10.00 MB || Total Pages : 201 || Links: GDrive, Mediafire)
  • Agent Li Haag (GET PDF)
  • Anata (GET PDF)
  • Aqaram
  • Asanga (GET PDF)
  • Badrooh (Mawarai Number)
  • Black Shark
  • C Shark
  • Challenge Fight
  • Code Clock
  • Cooper Head (GET PDF)
  • Crime City (GET PDF)
  • Crime Master (GET PDF)
  • Dangerous Juliana
  • Danger Prince (GET PDF)
  • Dark Night
  • Diamond Heart (GET PDF)
  • Diamond Mission (GET PDF)
  • Devil Mind
  • Crystal Bullet (GET PDF)
  • Great Circle
  • Maut ka Saya (GET PDF)
  • Madaam Cat (GET PDF)
  • Anaata (Mawarai Number)
  • Silver Power (Silver Number)
  • Red Hawk (GET PDF)
  • Ghadar Agent (GET PDF)
  • Faraasko Headquarters (GET PDF)
  • Iblasha (Mawarai Number)
  • Top Mission
  • Sakaa Kaara (Mawarai Number)
  • Wonder World (GET PDF)
  • Jasoos-e-Khansaamaan (GET PDF)
  • Perfect Crime
  • Devil Mind (GET PDF)
  • White Pearl
  • Dark World (Mawarai Number)
  • Green Virus (GET PDF)
  • Time Killer (GET PDF)
  • Dangerous Juliana (GET PDF)
  • Agent Li Hawk (GET PDF)
  • Akaaram (Mawarai Number) (GET PDF)
  • Power Of X-2 (GET PDF)
  • Code Walk (GET PDF)
  • Surakh Qayamat (Khass Number)
  • Siyaah Chahra (Mawarai Number) (GET PDF)
  • G Four (GET PDF)
  • One, Two, Three (GET PDF)
  • Action Agents (GET PDF)
  • Asfal Dunya (Mawarai Number)
  • Golden Crystal (Golden Jublee Number)
  • Evil Crime (GET PDF)
  • Harant (GET PDF)
  • X2 ka raaz (GET PDF)
  • Asebi Dunya (Mawarai Number)
  • Half Face (GET PDF)
  • Mujrim Kon (GET PDF)
  • Hard Section (GET PDF)
  • Black Girl (GET PDF)
  • Jin Zadi (GET PDF)
  • Gang War (GET PDF)
  • Makasho (GET PDF)
  • Special Killers (GET PDF)
  • Mujrim X2 (GET PDF)
  • Top Challenge (GET PDF)
  • Jahannum Se Farar (GET PDF)
  • Fast Fight (GET PDF)
  • Diamond Blaster (Pages 160 || Size 9 MB || Links: GDrive, Mediafire)
  • White Cobra (GET PDF)
  • Black Jack (GET PDF)
  • Ankal (GET PDF)
  • Dark Camp (GET PDF)
  • Dark King (GET PDF)
  • Hanging Death (GET PDF)
  • Red Spider (GET PDF)
  • Saadaal Plan (GET PDF)
  • Sakal (GET PDF)

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