How to Create Blog (Esho Blogger Shiki)

How to Create Blog (Esho Blogger Shiki)
Blog is online diary or Social media by which a writer or blogger can express writings, reports or personal activities. In blog readers can comment or add contents. Now a days blog is become a social media or Community site and multiple users platform. “Esho Blogger Shiki” is a book of tutorial by which reader can know how to crate a Blog Site in Blogger Platform. The book “Esho Blogger Shiki” by Mahir Faisal Shahi will help the beginners and learners to make a blog site easliy and smoothly step by step. Now just make a blog by blogger and be connected with your communities. Blogger dot com is a free platform and hosted by Google to create a blog site easily. Mahir Faysal Shahi writes the book for young blogger of Bangladesh to create a blog totally free.
Book Name: How to Create Blog (Esho Blogger Shiki)
Book Category: Tutorial
Book Language: Bangla
Book Format: PDF
Book Size: 2.90 MB
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Updated: March 24, 2020 — 4:59 pm