Global Marketing 10e by Green and Keegan (Global Edition)

Global Marketing 10e by Green and Keegan (Global Edition) Pdf Business and Career book free. The download size of this business and career book is – 138.14 MB.

Global Marketing Pdf Book 10e by Green and Keegan (Global Edition)

Book Review:

Describes the core dimensions of the global business environment for students of strategic and environmental approaches to global marketing. The tenth edition takes global marketing beyond the classroom and into the real world, with epoch-making examples of the questions, concerns and crises facing global markets. New cases have been added, others have been modified as the text takes into account recent geopolitical developments and technological changes affecting marketing. It the best marketing book for international marketing.

Marketing uses the results of a short and long-term needs study of those who can profitably pay for a period of time, or in most cases an uninterrupted flow of services or products. In 2017, The New York Times made it “so interesting to the storytelling industry that people lost track of their wallets.”

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Global Marketing
  • Edition: 10th Edition (Global Edition)
  • Author(s): Mark C. Green • Warren J. Keegan
  • Book Categories: Business and Career, Marketing
  • Book Language: English
  • Publisher: Pe*rson Educ*tion / Pr*ntice Hall
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: 138.14 MB

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