Exclusive Grammar And Freehand Writing (Bangla-English) By Farid Ahmed

Exclusive Grammar And Freehand Writing (Bangla-English) By Farid Ahmed, a best-seller paperback book available on rokomari.com. The price of this Grammer And Freehand Writing book is – 250 BDT with 191 pages.

Exclusive Grammar And Freehand Writing (Bangla-English) By Farid Ahmed Pdf Free

Book Review:

Exclusive Grammar And Freehand Writing is a very beautiful paperback book. The book contains grammar and freehand writing rules (1-19) required for learning English, which is very important for writing.

This book is for those who are weak in English, often make grammatical mistakes and have less free handwriting skills, more memorization. The basics of grammar are mentioned in the book with beautiful examples. The free handwriting section is very useful for writing paragraphs, letters, compositions, etc.

The page quality and writing quality of the book is very good. Also, the topics given in the book are very important. The rules of grammar are beautifully explained in the book. There are also many tips and examples needed for free handwriting. The book is easy to write and easy to understand. All in all a standard grammar book.

I read the book, the book is of very good quality. Written in clear language, no complications. Anyone can easily understand by reading the book. It will be much better than other grammars. So you can buy the book too. Besides, I think the price of the book is quite low.

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Exclusive Grammar And Freehand Writing (Bangla-English)
  • Book Author: Farid Ahmed
  • Book Language: Bangla-English
  • Book Type: Paperback
  • Publisher: Farid Publications
  • eStore: Rokomari.com
  • Total Pages: 191 Pages
  • Price: 250 BDT

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Updated: November 28, 2020 — 9:14 pm