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Electrical drawing is a major engineering subject taught to electrical / electronic engineering students at undergraduate and diploma institutions. Course content generally covers electrical machines and machine parts, electrical circuit drawing, assembly and operation drawing of instruments and components. The contents of this book have been prepared with the advice of the curricula of various state boards of technical education, as well as various engineering colleges. This book has nine chapters. Chapter I provides the latest information, including drawing plan, labeling, sizing, projection method, departmental approach, including general mechanical and electrical components work drawing and assembly. The second chapter deals with the drawing of electrical instruments of general use, the method of their connection and the parts of the instrument. The third chapter deals with the mechanical drawing of electrical machines and machine parts. Details include DC machines, induction machines, synchronous machines, motors, and fractional kilowatt transformers. Chapter IV includes the panel board wiring diagrams. The fifth chapter is dedicated to the rotation diagram of DC and AC machines. Chapters vi and vii include auxiliary plans for transmission and distribution lines, support, etc., as well as plant and substation distribution diagrams. Chapter viii discusses various drawings such as ground electrodes, circuit breakers, lightning rods, etc. There is ample opportunity for students to practice these classified exercises and get feedback. Chapter X includes drawings of electronic circuits and components. This book, in contrast to some of the books available on the market, contains a number of laborious examples that will help students better understand the subject. The explanations are very simple and easy to understand. Rules and standards are mentioned in the appropriate places. Students will find this book useful not only for passing exams, but also for reading and interpreting engineering drawings during their professional careers. – this book for bangladesh technical education borad – bteb bd bangla ebook for Electrical engineering students.

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  • Book Name: Electrical Engineering Drawing
  • Book Author: Vobosindhu Biswas
  • Book Categories: Engineering Books, Electrical Engineering
  • Book Language: Bengali
  • Total Pages: 162 Pages
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