Delhi: A Novel By Khushwant Singh

Delhi: A Novel By Khushwant Singh Pdf free. The Download size of this book is- 1.50MB.

Delhi: A Novel By Khushwant Singh

Book Review:

“As soon as I came back with my girlfriend Bhag Mati, I went back to Delhi because I had enough money to prostitute myself abroad.”

This is how Khushwant Singh’s huge, romantic, and irrelevant Magna work began in Delhi. The main narrator of this six hundred-year-old story is a desperate and aging protest who loves Delhi as much as the whore Hijra Bhagmati: half man, half woman with sexual innovation and energy of both sexes travels through time, space and history to discover your favorite city, many of the storytellers. People meet: poets and princes, saints and sultans, seducers and traitors, emperors, and eunuchs, who have taken shape and honored each other with Delhi is particularly mysterious. And as we walk with the narrator on his epic journey, we discover that the city of emperors has been forever transformed and immortalized in our minds. – Delhi Pdf By Khushwant Singh.

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Delhi
  • Writer: Khushwant Singh
  • Category: Indian Novel
  • Book Language: English
  • Book Format: PDF
  • File Size: 1.49 MB

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