Chup / چپ by Mumtaz Mufti

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Chup Pdf Urdu Novel by Mumtaz Mufti Urdu Novel PDF Download

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“Chup” is a fictional story written by Mumtaz Mufti. The book contains a number of stories that highlight everyday issues in a traditional Pakistani society. The scale of these stories ranges from gossip to unrest and unrest among people who are probably at home but have bad intentions for their siblings. While reading this book it seems that no one is reading this book, seeing everything with his own eyes.

This is the third legendary collection of Mumtaz Mufti published by Maktab Urdu, Lahore before the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. The fifteen pieces of fiction in this collection were written during the most difficult period of Mumtaz Mufti’s life. The Five Silent Myths are about failed love. Seven fictions deal with different and diverse aspects of sexuality, while two stories address critical questions of social life and one story satirizes the mental state of contractors of religion and morality.

In the myths of the analyzed collection, a concrete idea has been artistically articulated that the soul of man is a mixture of virtues and vices. Sometimes pleasure is fascinated by the self and when it gets tired of this pleasure, it hides in the shell of virtues. In the language of some fiction, the element of sexuality predominates. The character in these fictions creates such an atmosphere that the reader reaches the centrality of ideology by combining different links with the atmosphere created by the character’s movements and residences. The power of expression in the language of fiction, the beauty of the preface, and the artistic style in the plot and character affirm the uniqueness of the collection. The book is named after her second novel, “Chup,” and it also has a subtle message that can be felt after reading the novel.

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