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Arakyale; Noyi Agrave by Muratsan

Arakyale; Noyi Agrave PDF Book by Muratsan Free Download Armenian Novel And View Online. ::::: Book Review ::::: Gregor Ter-Hovannishian (December 1, 1854 – September 12, 1908), better known as Muratsan, was a prolific Armenian writer, best known for writing the historical novel Gevorg Marzpetuni (1896), founded during the second Rush Ashot of Armenia in […]

Gevorg Marzpetuni by Muratsan

Gevorg Marzpetuni PDF Novel Book by Muratsan Armenian novel Free Download and View Online. ::::: Book Review ::::: Gevorg Marzpetuni (Armenian book name: Գևորգ Մարզպետունի) is a popular Armenian historical novel written by Armenian author Murtasan. It is considered one of the most significant parts of Armenian literature. The novel was written and appeared in […]