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We know that the field of computing began today in 194 with three scientists at the Bell Telephone Laboratory – William Shackley, Walter Bratten, and John Bardin – and their groundbreaking discovery, the transistor. In 1956, the first fully transistor-based computer, the TX-0, was completed at MIT. The first integrated circuit was created by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments in 1958, but the first high-level programming language existed before that. “Project Fortran” was originally developed in 1954 by IBM. Abbreviated as “IBM Mathematical Formula Translation System”, the project aims to create and promote an essential and systematic programming language that is particularly suited to numerical computing and scientific computing. This was a breakthrough in terms of productivity and ease of programming (compared to assembly language) and speed (Fortran programs ran almost as fast and in some cases as fast as programs written in the assembler). In addition, Fortran was composed at a high level (and therefore sufficiently machine-specific) to become the first widely accepted programming language. The algorithmic language (Algol 58) originated from Fortran in 1958 and was transformed into Algal to0 in 1960. The Combined Programming Language (CPL) was created in 1963 from Algal from0. It was converted to Basic CPL in 196767, which changed it to B in 1999. Finally, the original C was created in 191. C was a direct successor to B, a simpler version of the BCPL, created by Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, he was also a build language. : U user references are used in early internal versions of the UNIX operating system. Ritchie’s C history states: “The compiler B of PDP-7 does not generate machine instructions, but ‘threaded code’, an explanatory scheme in which the compiler output sequences the addresses of the code fragment that performs the function. Usually – especially for B – a single- Play on stack machines “” The results were called NB by Thompson and Dennis Richie B, who work in Bell labs. The main reason for the initial popularity of both UNIX and portable C was the portability of UNIX, instead of creating a new operating system for each new machine, system programmers could write only a few system-dependent parts needed for the machine and then write C as the compiler for new systems as most system utilities. Was written in C, so it was understandable for C to write new utilities in American The National Standards Institute began the standardization of the C language in 1983 and completed the standard in 1989. Standard, ANSI X3.159-1989 “C Programming Language” serves as the basis for the implementation of all C compilers. The standards were later updated in 1990 and 1999, allowing features that were commonly used or appeared in C.

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  • Book Name: C++ Programming
  • Book Author: Heng Bora
  • Book Categories: Khmer Programming Books, Khmer Computer and Tutorial
  • Book Language: Khmer
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: 0.41 MB
  • Total Pages: 83 Pages

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