Boys and Girls (Short story) by Alice Munro

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Alice Munro’s” Boys and Girls” was first published as a single in 1964 and was included in Munro’s 1968 collection Cotillion of the Happy Tones. The story takes place in a house in pastoral Canada, and the narrator, a girl who’ll soon be 11 times old, precisely describes her father’s work as a fox planter. The work is al-Tawbi, but the narrator begins”a many weeks before Christmas”when his father began removing fox skin from the” small, medium, rat-suchlike” body in the basement. His mama, the narrator noted,” did not like the whole gravestone operation.”The family’s”mercenary”, Henry Bailey, helps the narrator’s father and the children chink. There are some cases where the narrator can understand the meaning of the word “ girl”. First, when her mama tells her that her youngish family is old enough, she’ll help her father. Second, when her grandmother teases her to bear in a certain way because she’s a girl. After all, when her father says at the end that she’s a girl at the end of it all, she must cry.

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  • Bok Name: Boys and Girls
  • Book Author: Alice Munro
  • Book Categories: Canadian Book, Short Stories
  • Publish Year: 1964
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 27 Pages
  • File Size: 220 KB

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