TOP 10 Best Children’s Stories Books by KM Collection

List of TOP 10 Best Children’s Stories Books by KM Collection. In this post, I collect bestsellers and top reviews of children’s stories books for you. TOP 10 Best Children’s Stories Books which you can buy from Amazon.

TOP 10 Best Children's Stories Books by KM Collection

10 Best Children’s Stories Books by KM Collection

#01 If Animals Kissed Good Night

What do animals do if you do? This hit story imagines how animals will kiss their loved one good night! If animals like us kiss each other on a good night … how will they do it? Giraffe and her baby in their necks up, Wolf, and kiss her baby, and then scream, and laziness, and her baby is moving sooooo sloooowwwww craned. And throughout the animal kingdom, each animal shared love in a unique way.

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#02 My First Learn to Write Workbook: Practice for Kids with Pen Control, Line Tracing, Letters, and More!

“In an age where we focus less on writing and more on typing, Crystal provides a great resource for young children to learn to write. This book provides the exercises needed for a strong start to letter and number formation and introduces children to shapes, numbers and letters in a fun and engaging way.”―Melissa Middlebrook, Classical home educator

“The format of the book, from strokes to shapes and letters, is suitable for children’s development. Parents and teachers alike will benefit from this book to help their children with fine motor skills and handwriting!”―Kaci Hoffer of Mrs. Hoffer’s Spot

“Preschoolers benefit from everyday experiences that support the development of fine motors in their hands and fingers. Crystal takes you step by step through the sequence of pre-writing skills for her son to succeed.”―Vanessa Levin, Early Childhood Educator and Consultant, and Creator of

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#03 My First Library : Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids

The amazing box set includes a set of 10 well-researched board books to introduce a wide range of learning topics and everyday things to little scholars. Animated pictures and accurate word tags encourage the child to develop a strong vocabulary in a short time. Attractive and stunning gift box sets are the perfect gift for young children. The themes included in the set are: ABC, number, size, color, wildlife, farm animals and pets, birds, fruits, vegetables, transportation.

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#05 Dog Man: Mothering Heights: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #10)

Doug Man and Pete face their biggest challenge in the tenth best-selling book by Dave Pilky, the world’s best-selling author and photographer.
The dog man is unfortunate, Petty has been confronted with his so-called past and Grandpa can’t do anything good. As new villains arrived in the city, control of the world spread. Everything seems dark and full of despair. But hope is not lost. Can the incredible power of love save the day?

Dave Pilky’s popular Dog Man series appeals to readers of all ages and explores universally positive themes such as love, empathy, kindness, perseverance and the importance of doing good.

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#06 A Letter From Your Teacher: On the First Day of School

A family of writers and illustrators in our class, this heartwarming picture book helps teachers welcome their new students on their first day of school. Through a letter written from the teacher’s perspective, the students receive the message that their new teacher is someone with whom they will come to form a special bond. Their teachers are there not only to help them academically but also to encourage them and provide a safe and caring environment for them to learn and grow.

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#07 Fiona, It’s Bedtime (A Fiona the Hippo Book)

Fiona Hippo, the best-seller of the New York Times, in a series of Fiona shows that Bedtime is the Fearless Hippo who has as many stars online at the zoo (in the real world).

This board book version is great for little ones who like to explore a little, and it’s the perfect bedtime story for 4-8 year olds to sleep in loud. Fiona, bedtime:

  • The New York Times best-selling works include works by artist Richard Cowdrey (Fiana de Hippo, Bad Dog, Marley).
  • He takes the kids on a nighttime adventure to see how zoo animals sleep at night.
  • Fun features, scattering features that will captivate kids while reassuring them for their bedtime ceremony.

Fiona, It’s Bedtime Fiona is the perfect gift for enthusiasts, birthday and holiday gifts.

Check out the other headlines in the Fiona Hippo series: Fiona Hippo and a very Fiona Christmas

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#08 The Tale of the Mandarin Duck: A Modern Fable

How can you appreciate what is in front of people? It takes a mandarin duck’s tail-off, a mysterious and beautiful duck, and a light-eyed boy to clearly point. Michealo Kakutani’s Mallard’s striking Joanna Avilis’s catchy black and white drawing is joined by Betty Midler’s distinctive voice. This book will appeal to readers of all ages to see the fantastic interpretation of New York City and its strange ducks, both human and feather.

A story by Mrs. Kakutani adds detail to the information behind this unique Mandarin duck story.

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#09 Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories (Awesome Friendly Kid)

Grab a flashlight, get under the covers and dive into the curved and unexpectedly fun world of Rowley Jefferson’s imagination. You’ll be met with zombies, vampires, ghosts and more in these fascinating horror stories.

Rowley’s spooky stories may make you laugh but be careful, you could sleep with the lights on!

And don’t miss the incredibly friendly baby’s first instant sales diary Rolly Jeffers’ amazing and friendly first two books: Rowley Jefferson’s Diary and Rowley Jefferson’s Incredible Friendly Adventures!

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#10 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Through the pages of this delightful book a huge happy frog, a thick purple cat, a beautiful blue horse and a fluttering yellow duck para babies will respond instantly to Eric Carl’s brightly colored and flat collages. Combined with Bill Martin’s singing text, they create an unforgettable image of this adorable creature.

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Those were the TOP 10 Best Children’s Stories Books on our list. I hope the children will be happy to read the children’s books.

Updated: July 22, 2021 — 6:21 am