Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen

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This short novel in three corridor. And while reading this book, I was amazed at how Cohen knew me so tête-à-tête because I feel a deep connection with the main promoter, the narrator, as if he’d noway felt someone so near. so fucking close. so, i askmr. cohen-how? like the heck did you also go through the same thing despite being a fascinating, handsome, handsome and talented man? this new runs like a fever dream that I can noway escape. it’s like a palsy from a fever dream that kept me hooked, made me feel how vulnerable I’m in my real life and miserable. I noway escaped because I felt connected to this macrocosm where I’m also tied with a unfaithfulF. (who can be a friend or a son of a whine disguised as a friend), a woman who was noway fated for you, who noway loved you no matter how important you were in love with her, and a dark poet that nothing knows or everything is in your head. I watch this novel, I read this novel through the sexual geomorphology ( substantially coming from the immense pornographic influence and little sexual knowledge) that I know of, and the feverishly sexual terrain that I can not put down because it makes me feel orgasmic from my actuality for a long time. nanosecond, but sorely vulnerable to my life during the fate. like I said, this novel book made me feel connected to the sadness of the novel. This is Cohen’s last novel, he noway wrote another. In addition, Cohen also touched on the history of that time in Canada, the Québec rebel movement, the psychedelia of the sixties and his early fame as a minstrel- songster. this new erected on an erogenous geography that gives rise to unhappiness. from that unhappiness comes sadness. And the more I dug, the further I felt connected to the dateless macrocosm of this novel. the time of the new lapped with its postmodern grace. Oh, it was a beautiful six days that I spent, a awful six days that I spent in my damn life! so thanks, leonard cohen. After a long time, I felt connected to a great erudite work and to its entire macrocosm. I still do not have the exact words to describe the exact passions. I’ve just unleashed my vulnerability in this” review”, but it’s what I also felt, realized and endured.

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  • Book Name: Beautiful Losers
  • Book Author: Leonard Cohen
  • Book Categories: Literature and Fiction
  • Book Language: English
  • Publish Year: 1966
  • File Format: PDF

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