Basic Statistics For Business And Economics by Lind, March, Wathen

Basic Statistics For Business And Economics Book by Douglas A Lind, William March, Samuel Wathen review and read free pdf format.

Basic Statistics For Business And Economics Book Review by Lind, March, Wathen

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The goal of “Basic Statistics for Business and Economics” is to provide students with a good temper in management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and other areas of business administration, including introductory surveys on the application of many descriptive and inferential statistics. When we focus on business applications we use many problems and examples that are student-oriented and do not require previous courses. When Professor Robert Mason wrote the first edition of this series of texts in 1967, it was difficult to identify relevant business data. That has changed! Data is not difficult to identify today. The amount of items you have purchased at the grocery store is automatically recorded at the checkout counter. Telephone companies track the time of our calls, the duration of calls and the number of callers. Credit card companies keep track of the number, time, date and amount of our purchases. Treatment devices automatically monitor our heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. Huge amounts of business information are recorded and reported almost instantly. CNN, USA Today and MSNBC, for example, have websites where you can track share prices with a delay of less than twenty minutes. Today, skills are needed to handle large amounts of numerical information. First, we must be critical consumers of the information presented by others. Second, we must be able to reduce the amount of information in a concise and meaningful form that allows us to make effective interpretations, judgments, and decisions. All students have calculators and most have personal computers or have access to personal computers in the campus lab. Statistical software such as Microsoft Excel and MINTAB are available on these computers. The commands required to achieve the results of the software are available in a special section at the end of each chapter. We use screenshots between chapters to acquaint students with the nature of software output. Due to the availability of computers and software, it does not need to rely on calculations. To help us understand and interpret students’ statistical results, we have replaced many calculation examples with explanatory ones. In addition, we now place more emphasis on the conceptual nature of statistical matters. In making these changes, we did not deviate from presenting the original concepts, including supporting examples, to the best of their ability. The fifth edition of Basic Statistics on Business and Economics is a product of many people: McGraw-Healy / Irwin students, colleagues, reviewers and employees. We thank you all. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the reviewers: Jodi Ling City University Miren Ivankovich South Wesleyan University Michael Beating John Logan College Vadim Shilv Toussaint University James Dulgarf San Bernardino Valley College

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  • Book Name: Basic Statistics For Business And Economics
  • Book Author(s): Douglas A Lind, William March, Samuel Wathen
  • Edition: 8th Edition
  • Book Categories: Business and Career, Economics
  • Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Education
  • Book Language: English
  • File Format: PDF, Doc, TXT
  • File Size: N/A
  • Total Pages: 596 pages
  • Country: India

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