Amar Meyebela ( আমার মেয়েবেলা ) by Taslima Nasrin

Amar Meyebela ( আমার মেয়েবেলা ), in pdf format. taslima nasrin bangla novel.
Amar Meyebela ( আমার মেয়েবেলা ) _ Taslima Nasrin

Book Review:

Taslima Nasrin’s autobiography ‘Amar Meyebela’ was banned in 1999. Autobiographies usually reveal events in the writer’s own life. From childhood he was oppressed in various ways. It is both physical and mental.
He has divided his autobiography into 19 parts. Each part has a different name. And in each section he explains the different situations of the society of that time, as well as his own mental state, his own development and his own growing environment. He also tried to tell the story of his becoming a writer and poet through this book.
According to the internet, his book was banned for pornography. In fact, I haven’t seen a lot of porn. Because he will tell you what happened to him. Yes, it can be said that he said the words directly. Speaking directly doesn’t seem like the least bad thing to me. In one part of the book it is seen that he is attracted to homosexuals, which he describes as personal feelings of the person.
Nowadays when we open the news paper we see a lot of news about rape. There are also reports of a girl being raped. Taslima also fell victim to the same desire. There was no one outside, there was his uncle, mother. They left this 7 year old boy for their lust.
I found other information on the internet that made offensive comments about Islam. From what I understand he made fun of the religious merchants. He wrote a passage about going to his mother’s house. There Pir Baba clapped his hands, feet and head with the girls. Your daughter’s disciples drink their own drinks, spit, spit or rub their heads. He even preached that he would speak to God and arrange paradise for his disciples. I don’t think it’s offensive to say anything about Islam or hurt religion. And anyone who experiences such a bad experience about religion at a young age will be an apostate, that’s normal.
His book is about his father’s love for women as well as his relationship with his uncle and his mother. Talk about her physical changes as she grows up and the obstacles a girl faces when she grows up. She has exposed the incidents of violence against women in the society of that time through her life. But the sad thing here is that most of the women were in favor of banning its writing and were in favor of them (I read in a blog the link I can’t find, I gave it).
Above all, verify the author with the author’s writing, not with the author’s personal life. – Amar Meyebela pdf bangla book.
Book Information:
  • Book Name: Amar Meye Bela ( আমার মেয়েবেলা )
  • Book Category: Bangla Novel
  • Book Writer: Taslima Nasrin
  • Book Format: Portable Document Format – PDF
  • Book Language: Bengali
  • Book Size: 1.5MB

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