True love does not leave you even after death … This love story will bring tears to your eyes

That being said, it is not easy to separate those who love. It’s a little hard to meet true lovers, but if someone comes into your life who will do something for you, then you are the luckiest person in the world. In today’s age when relationships are starting to leave together prematurely, giving one’s life in someone’s memory or for someone in such a situation is said to be unrealistic in today’s age. But today we are going to tell you the story of a couple who have not only been together all their lives, but death has not been able to separate them.

George and Dorothy, who came from England, have lived with each other for 68 years. They lived with each other all their lives and even death did not dare to separate them. Dorothy and George died at the ages of 91 and 92. They both laid down their lives on the same day, letting go of their breath within hours.

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Believe me, the story of his death from his love story to his death will surprise you. George was already in the ICU with a chest infection and a few days later, Dorothy had to be hospitalized with a complaint of herpes. George was completely indifferent to the fact that his wife was also hospitalized. Dorothy gave up her life in the face of infection and a few hours later George too left her body.

The pairing was truly amazing, where they met and how far they went together জল anyone who heard their story would have tears in their eyes. Let us also get acquainted with the ‘happy married life’ of these two.

Dorothy lost her first husband during World War II; Their marriage lasted only four months. After her husband’s death, George sent her a letter of condolence to Dorothy.

When the two first met, George was holding an umbrella and Dorothy was standing with a rose. This is the beginning of friendship between the two, which later turned into love. After dating for some time, George and Dorothy decide to get married. In 1997, they both hosted a big garden party to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

George was an unemployed man and Dorothy ran her own hair salon.

They have two sons, 5 Grand Children and 2 Great Grand Children.

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