The Story of Physical Love – Best Love Story Ever

The story of physical love.

wax burning
– Priyanka in pen

The sound of rain is much loved by the grass. On such a night, one can reveal oneself to the beloved man, the most secret thing in one’s mind. The pale blue light in the bedroom made the grass look more charming.
With a slight smile and a sip of wine, Trina met Aniruddha’s eyes. Aniruddharao focused on the grass. The language of the eyes of him is illiterate. Leaving the wine cup on the table, the weeds headed towards Aniruddha in anticipation of a little heat. But in one fell swoop
Free yourself from the arms of the grass.
-“No” comes out of her throat indistinctly.
-“Oni..?” The cloud of rejection in the black eyes of grass.
– “No,” Aniruddha said loudly. She got up and left the well-appointed bedroom. He rained on Trina’s eyes as she looked her way.
She rushing down with the elevator, standing under the open sky, panting uncontrollably. Her body suddenly felt very bad. Leaning forward, she vomited. Now the body is a little used to it. Aniruddha Som – “Damini” pronounces the same name hatefully in the pouring rain.
Those black hands reach out to touch Damini’s body… that watch on his hand… where he looked… yes… Jethu. Again that groaning cry… ma… mage. Damian woke up. He sat up in bed with a lot of hate and panic in his chest. Damini has not left behind the toxic childhood memories of him. His throat is dry. Damini opened the door to the air-conditioned bedroom and stepped out onto the huge terrace. Today he has it all…meaning, prestige, name. Today he can trample on any man but his mother will come back…or one day he will be able to forgive his father…and Abir…will he get the punishment he deserves?
Damini Roy is a well known name in business. In the patriarchal business world, Damini has brought this patriarchal enterprise to the forefront using his diplomatic intellect and exceptional beauty. Power and money: his only addiction. But Damini has another identity. She is a misandric. She trusts no man except Kamal, the only attendant.
The physical relationship of revenge is a romantic story.
Tonight is Damini’s celebration night. The party continues at her apartment in Baliganj with the joy of getting an offer from the government. Although she only invited two people: her secretary Kamal and her company employee Siraj. Damini has been watching Siraj for a long time. Today her wish will come true with the help of Kamal. Pressing the cigarette against her lips, Damini slowly pushed open the door and entered the guest room. The air has become heavy with the smell of drugs. In the web of light a beautiful half-naked male body is seen: Siraj tied with two hands to the bed.
– “Do you know why I’m tied here?”
– “Why Siraj, don’t you know yourself..?” Damini asks coldly.
– “Why are you cheating on Siraj, you are the best if you admit everything to the lady… we know everything.”
Kamal hissed.

– “I do not know what you mean?”
“You weren’t brought in to hear your defense.. You were brought in to punish me for getting in my way.. so you remember what happens when you obstruct Damini’s work..!”
Winking at Madame, Kamal punctures Siraj’s injection syringe.
“Is it… no… no… please?” Siraj yelled. Later Sirah.
– “I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time… nobody can stop me today.”
Damini asked Siraj to light a cigarette all over her body. Sirach grunted. “I’ve seen a lot like you…what you thought would stab you in the back and leave you. Hell bothers you all…see what I do to you today…” Damini seems to have gone insane. Damini satisfies his perverted body in Siraj’s body. Siraj trembled in pain. Then Kamal stepped forward. After playing with Siraj’s body as he wished, he pushed his own hardness into Siraj’s anus. Siraj’s gloomy voice came over the stereo music.

The story of the first physical relationship. (3)

Fragments of memories still haunt Aniruddha at night. This seems to be the event of the day that Oni joined ‘Ray and Roy’ as a manager and her sweetheart passed the IPS exam.
– “What are you talking about Aniruddha… Damini Roy is sexually harassing you with the help of the assistant Kamal… but how can a woman…”
– “I know that men enjoy these things…that must be you…” twisted smile on Mau’s lips.
– “What do you say, darling… don’t you believe me? I will love you forever and live.”
– “Oni our relationship is long… maybe you don’t like me anymore. Maybe your favorite with the lady… some words also reached my ears oni… is it all rumour?”
– “Wow… please…”
– “Then quit your job, Ani… look for another job… where there is peace… I don’t like having problems with you either.”
– “It’s word of mouth to get a job.. Besides, what’s my fault here?.. No, I can’t quit my job”
– “So this is your last decision…?”
– “Yes”
The bee did not stop. On the same day, he was released from Aniruddha’s house and life.
Today I think it would have been better if she had listened to Maui that day… perhaps that night of her life would not have come. Oni closed her eyes lying on her side..
The best thing was Oni’s prom at Damini’s flat. Damini took the initiative even though Aniruddha was not very keen. Oni was a bit surprised when she went to the party. The rest of the party people aren’t there, just her and Kamal. Kamal’s attitude was never a special choice of Aniruddha. Kamal or homosexual heard in the office. Although Oni had no problem with that, she has always accepted that human sexuality is her personal business. But the problem started from the day Madame asked her to work with Kamal. Today it seems that her promotion, Damini’s use of an unreasonable friend, Kamal’s heart were a trap.
The use of the lotus that day was shaking his sixth sense. He wanted to drink two pins and be out before dark. But it was Peg who would defeat him, who knows!
– “What’s the matter, Mr. Som? What’s the matter with you?”
Damini voiced her concern hoarsely.
– “No, no, I’m fine… now let’s go home.”
– “Hey, this is just the beginning of the party, why are you in such a hurry now…” Kamal said.
Damini also agreed. Aniruddha also became a puppet in his hands that day. As the night progressed, Damini grew increasingly agitated. Oni seemed to be caught in a net. He doesn’t remember how he got to the bedroom today. I only remember the pain of that brutal torture… when Damini was burning him with a lit candle. Kamal was coming after Damini was exhausted.. I remember they didn’t let her go even after she started bleeding. The agony of the moment before losing consciousness… then all darkness.
Today 4 years have passed since that incident. Is mental shock reduced that much? The scars on the body have faded with time, but the fire against Damini and Kamal has increased day by day. Oni quit her job.
Siraj, his former colleague and his friend were by his side during this difficult time. The only thing he said was without restraint-
“What are you talking about? You need to inform the police…” said the excited Siraj.
“Will the police obey me where their own people do not believe?”
“Should I talk to Mau?” Sirach asked.
“I tried Ray… but I think he’s exaggerating his guilt. Don’t tell me where a girl has to wait so long to get justice like rape, how can a man like me get justice… society will believe that night. Did damini and kamal rape me in a closed room? No…never”
“Then they can cross…”
“No…I’ll let them see the end…I’ll go as far as I can for that.” Oni said with a clenched jaw. There was a twinkle in his eye.
In his later life, with the help of Siraj, he turned his hobby into a profession and continued to paint. He also organized an exhibition with the help of some supporters. Here is the conversation with Trina.
– “Why is your picture so sad?” Trina said after seeing a photo.
– “When life makes cruel jokes, that’s how things turn out…” Oni answered.
Trina laughed a little under her breath.
– “Don’t look at life with another chance… maybe you won’t be disappointed… I’m Trina Roy… maybe you heard Didi’s name… Damini Roy.”
The speechless Oni gradually became easier after getting over the initial push. He saw an opportunity in Trina to implement her plan.
– “I will do what I want but they are not good people.” Siraj warned.
The conversation, the talk, the love, everything is planned, but what was not possible without restrictions is the intimacy-disgust towards the female body.

Romantic story for Adults (4)

Anyway, the network of 4 years of thought was broken in a phone call.
“No restrictions, did you think you could cross throwing me…so straight…you want Siraj back…” Trina throated.
A cold current flowed through Aniruddha’s entire body.
“Siraj… what are you saying… trina… listen…” Oni’s throat trembled.
The day before yesterday I was talking with Siraj… who used to go to any party… Siraj entered with him in ‘Ray and Roy’… didn’t he fall into Damini’s clutches? That’s why Trinao… feels very powerless to contain himself.
“12 o’clock tonight…old man come down…I’ll wait.” The telephone rang.
Onir is trying to bite his hand at the stupidity of him… maybe Siraj is in danger for him today too. Why didn’t you listen to it?
Late at night, the company’s old godown stood like a lonely ghost. Oni is alone in the desolate desert. All 12 o’clock on the clock.
“Mr. Som, after a long time, I heard many of his words on Trina’s face. I also read his message on Siraj’s phone.
“And ma’am, have you forgotten what he did to me?” yelled Oni.
“What have I done? What evidence? There is no law in the Indian Penal Code to convict me. Yes, I have raped you and Siraj. It was my mother’s fault that she committed suicide because she couldn’t stand the daily abuse in my father’s hands. That’s what you or Siraj deserve.”
– “They are all the same. Are the five fingers of the hand the same? You or your mother have been very bad. Those who have done that are unforgivable. But does that mean that you will make all men one tribe? Will you hate everyone? Is that all?” Metal disorder. Doesn’t your work make you equal to all those sinners? Think about it, lady. ”
– “There is no time to think, Aniruddha. You went to use my sister. If I hadn’t read Siraj’s phone messages, I wouldn’t have known your intentions.
In the blink of an eye, Damini drew a pistol and shot Aniruddha. But at that moment, a dazzling light flashed and another gun roared: the police were stationed around the complex. Damini’s frozen body was seen unrestrained in the moment before he lost consciousness.
When he returned to the hospital, he realized that he would never see anyone in front of him again in this life.
“Forgive me Oni… I understand the horror of your experience after hearing everything from the informant Siraj. After the last conversation with Siraj the next day, the communication was cut off. He was with Kamal. He was imprisoned for immorality, but the only punishment because the sin he committed was death. The punishment for rape is death, whether male or female.
“Siraj?” Ignoring the pain in his shoulder, Oni shook weakly.
“She is alive. She has been inhumanely tortured. Damini has suffered the consequences of tipping us off about her illicit dealings. But the deal will get better. And yes, Kamal has committed suicide.”
Oni did not close his eyes in absolute peace.
“I am Oni… and I will not leave” Mau whispered. The eastern sun hardly shines then.

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