Tell me some psychological tricks about girls?

Tell me some psychological tricks about girls? Taller girls have a higher risk of cancer than shorter girls. Girls are better at multitasking than boys. Only 2% of girls in the world consider themselves beautiful. 1 in 6 developed country girls are victims of sexual harassment. Girls blink 19 times a minute and boys 11 times. Girls in developed countries have 150 different hairstyles throughout their life. In China, unmarried girls between the ages of 20-22 are called “Shang Nu”, meaning “old girls”. In 1 year, the combined income of all professional women in the world is 18 million dollars but the combined expenditure is 28 million dollars. Not only in Bangladesh, but everywhere in the world, women’s salaries are low. The least disparity is in New Zealand, where women earn 5% less than men. There were 800,000 female combatants in the Soviet Army during World War II.
Brazil’s Victoria’s Secret Company says – 80% of girls in the world wear the wrong size underwear. Only by looking at the fingerprint can it be understood whether it is a boy or a girl, because girls have twice as many amino acids as boys, which changes something in the fingerprint. 80% of buyers of “50 shades of grey” book were girls.

Ancient Roman girls used to collect the sweat of “gladiators” and use it as an ornament in their makeup. In 1678, the first girl in the world to receive an academic degree was “Elena Cornaro Piscopia” of the University of Padua, Italy. “Saint Lucia” is the only country in the world named only after a girl. If you ask a girl “what happened?” and she answers “nothing” then you have to understand the complete opposite i.e. something must have happened.
Still 60.3 crore girls of the world do not consider it a crime to be born at home. Even in the 21st century, every 90 seconds, 1 girl dies giving birth to a child. Girls like guys who have a sense of humor and can make quick decisions.

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