It is possible to make friends with people of any age, If you know these 10 strategies

If you know these 10 strategies, it is possible to make friends with people of any age: A few days ago, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan said in an interview that his colleague Tapsi Pannu feels like “PC PC”. Because Tapasi feels more comfortable talking to the same age Amitabh Bachchan than Abhishek or Aishwarya. Tapasi’s first work with Amitabh was in ‘Pink’. The second work is ‘revenge’. And with Abhishek, Tapasi has worked in the film ‘Manmarjia’. Thus, Abhishek and Tapsi became good friends on the shooting set. But Abhishek has thought a lot about how the heroine developed a peerless friendship with Amitabh. Who knows how Amitabh, who is in his 60s and Tapasi, who is in his 30s, talks fluently? Even if Tapsi’s phone rang during the meal, Amitabh left the meal and started talking to him. We talked for hours. And the subject matter is different. Looks like two college friends are chatting on the phone. What else can you think of a father’s girlfriend except “PC”?

Finding good friends but quite difficult

Finding a good friend is hard work. It is a problem of any age. And for adults, the problem is even greater. In fact, in the last part of life, it is very difficult to adjust to someone new. On top of that at that time the surrounding situation, the time, didn’t even want to talk to people. There are many times when the number of friends of introverted people is less from the beginning. Lack of friends in school and college, the annoyance of living with the people of the house, many people become very irritable in their last years. It is not possible for them to make new friends even if they want to.

Revitalize your old hobbies

Reading books, listening to music, watching movies, drawing pictures, making gardens all have different hobbies. Start all over again to break the loneliness. This may cause you to go out. And then you will see that you are talking to many people of your choice. Whether peerless. The two have the same interest. You will see that he has gradually become friends with her.

Don’t be afraid to talk

Talk to someone if you like five or twenty-five. If you talk to a small child in the park, talk to him openly. Even if you go to a restaurant or a cinema, talk to someone. If the person on the other side also shows interest, then he is in trouble. You will see that the little child seen in the park will come and talk to you almost every day. If you talk to a teenager in a movie hall, he will also befriend you with respect. If the two have the same mind, the friendship will also progress. But yes, if someone wants to avoid you, it is better not to waste time behind them.

Remember to be open

Times have changed. Try to comply with the demands of the time. Try to find out what children are thinking nowadays and you will see that there is a lot of interest. But the time to judge people by looking at someone’s face is gone. Today’s generation is quite open minded. If you start mixing with them, you will also see that you have become open minded. At first you feel uncomfortable but later you will see that it has changed. And that change is certainly positive.

Work with self-esteem

Do anything with self-respect. Always keep the mind positive. And remember self-esteem means but not stubbornness. No matter what, you will always remember the poet’s song ‘Ekla Chal Re’. If you don’t get someone with you, then become your own friend. Go for a walk alone, see a movie-theater, go to the doctor alone for a checkup. This often leads to confidence.

Be grateful to the helper

Many may come forward to help because you are old. Be grateful to them. You will see that you have easily become friends with the helper. Respect is the only way to get respect. Nothing is one-sided.

Give time to new friends

Give him time to make new friends. Whether it is on social media, on the phone or face to face. Chat and chat. Hear about him. Tell him your story. If a friend wants to go on a trip with your responsibilities, go with him. Nowadays children are responsible enough. Your mind will be better.

Don’t forget old friends

Don’t forget old friends again after getting new friends. You will see that after spending time with a new friend, tell his story to old friends. You will see that gradually they are also getting interested. Plan to go around with old friends.

Get used to online

Go with the times. Increase the habit of smart phone, computer, internet. You can create virtual friends to your liking. The tendency to make virtual friends increased among the elderly during the Covid 19 epidemic. Says the survey.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

Once a smooth relationship is formed with a new friend, you can easily ask for help from him. He will be happy. You too will benefit. In these cases, people usually share their grief. A peer friend will support you emotionally if you understand. It easily removes one’s fears, anxieties, frustrations, etc.

Updated: July 1, 2022 — 10:53 am

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