How to leaked celebrities phone calls

How to leaked celebrities phone calls:- Rizvi Shahriar, an assistant professor at the Institute of Information Technology at Dhaka University, says cell phone spying or cellphone surveillance can be used to track a phone, record a conversation and even read a text message.

This can be done legally by government agencies such as the police or the military, so there are some devices called sting ray devices that are used. If you want to do it at the individual level, if you install cellphone spying software, it is possible to track the phone from a distance, record the conversation and even read the text messages.

How to leaked celebrities phone calls

There is also another method called bugging, which is to take access to the microphone by disabling the ringing feature on the mobile. As a result, as many conversations as there will be with that mobile phone, as many text messages will be sent, everything will go to the other party.

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