100+ Love status – fb status about life.

100+ Love status – fb status about life. Love status consists of some poems (romantic poem) and quotes (love quotes) stored in status of love. Hope you like the post.

love quotes for him:

The most favorite thing in life
Maybe illegal
Or forbidden
Or someone else.


The real smile comes out when you are with me.
Sometimes words alone are not enough. When Roy is close to your love.


Love is blind. And so be careful.


You can love blind but you can’t love blind.


I can’t see the future. But I can understand many things by looking at you.


Best Status of love quotes:

Distance does not matter if the minds of the two are one, tied together in the book of creation.


Happiness is meaningless without you, because everything is incomplete without you.


That’s when the real love is when you are
Fall in love with the most unexpected people.


The best moment for you is when your parents are proud of you.


fb status about life

No revolution takes place in the world of laughter
No peace takes place in a comet without a purpose.


Silent face with lazy eyes, shadow of sorrow, painless moonlight night, Maya in ignorant consciousness.


In the wind blowing the river bank, the boatman sits and eats, and the farmer gathers in the field.

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